“Fine Brands for a happy life”.


To passionately offer consumers a wide selection of quality toys, food, nursery, stationery, and cosmetic products.




To build an innovative and sustainable company, where we grow our brands’ equity, foster consumer loyalty, cultivate strong relationships with our business partners, increase shareholders value, contribute to local communities, and provide rewarding growth opportunities to our employees.



We have passion to nurturing great brands. Our values define who we are and are a shared understanding of what we stand for as an organization. They are central to our business culture, and guide us in the way we work with our customers, employees and business partners. Our guiding principles are:


Ethics: We act without consideration of personal gain and stand by decisions that are in the company’s best interest. We inspire trust, foster respect of one another, and embrace ethical behaviours in dealing with team members, customers, partners and suppliers.


Entrepreneurial Spirit: We have optimism, inner drive, and courage in following our passion. It’s a life adventure that we have followed since the beginning and is still the driving force providing leverage to create, innovate, maintain, and expand our business.


Excellence: We are committed to applying innovative practices and achieving excellence as evidenced by our policies, motivations, actions and words. We aspire to delivering products and services through efficient and cost-effective practices every day.


Empowerment: We give power to those who have capacity to handle the responsibility. We foster creating a favorable environment in which people are encouraged to grow their skills and are given autonomy over their tasks and resources.